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The X-ray Security Screener's Demanding Job

Posted by Vicki Tran on Friday, August 12, 2016 at 2:30 PM

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X-ray_Operator_Screening_Items_Using_an_X-ray_System_240x180.jpgX-ray Operator Screens Items Passing Through FacilityWhether you’ve realized it or not, X-ray security screeners exist everywhere. That’s because X-ray screening technology is present in so many industries. We can find X-ray screeners at airports, cargo facilities, courthouses, schools, correctional facilities, immigration agencies, special events, and more.

These X-ray operators work endlessly to protect the surrounding people and infrastructures from harm by inspecting belongings, packages, and goods flowing through. They are trained to detect contraband, weapons, explosive devices, and drugs. Every day, X-ray security screeners put themselves in potentially dangerous situations and risk their lives to protect us.


It’s a Difficult Job

Would you have what it takes to become an X-ray security screener? Take it from us; X-ray screeners have very difficult jobs. Their work environment is complex and influenced by various factors. Items passing through X-ray machines are constantly changing. Concealment techniques keep evolving and threats become harder to detect.

Typically, X-ray screeners are faced with low wages and poor morale. Their work environment can be distracting or noisy. They may encounter difficult people who do not wish to be screened. Yet they must not let these factors deter them from being diligent and effective on the job at all times. After all, countless people rely on them.

Their effectiveness must be equally matched with efficiency. Efficiency is necessary in order for business operations to carry on seamlessly. X-ray screeners do not have the luxury of mulling over a single X-ray image for days at a time. In fact, X-ray operators who work under rigorous conditions are only given seconds before a decision must be made.


X-ray Security Training

X-ray Security Screener Uses an X-ray Simulator for PracticeProper security training is crucial to a screener’s success on the job. X-ray operators must understand how important their job is and what is expected of them. They should learn about the types of threats or contraband to look out for, how they are concealed, and techniques to find them under X-ray. An X-ray simulator provides operators with an opportunity to practice and hone their X-ray interpretation skills.

Training must also include operational procedures to follow when a threat is found or if an image cannot be resolved with X-ray. X-ray operators would benefit most from computer based training and hands-on training specific to the X-ray unit used on the job. This allows for familiarization with the system, its components and layout, and the image enhancement functions available.

X-ray operator training should regularly incorporate new regulations, threat examples, X-ray images, etc. It has to be readily available to take during down time at work or on the screener’s own time. Furthermore, it must be taken recurrently.



X-ray security screeners risk a lot to protect the public and the job is demanding in nature. Proper training provides operators with the confidence needed to handle anything that comes their way. What do you think of X-ray security screeners and the job they do? Let us know below.


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