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Critical Topics for Successful X-ray Equipment Training

Posted by Vicki Tran on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at 11:00 AM

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X-ray Machine Operator at a Cargo Security CheckpointX-ray systems are deployed at security checkpoints in many different industries. X-ray operators use them to screen belongings, mail, and cargo. In real-time, these operators must be able to view an X-ray image and promptly make a decision about it - whether the scanned items are safe to proceed or if further inspection is required.

To get to that point, there are a few fundamental topics X-ray operators must have a solid understanding of first. Help operators become successful at X-ray screening on the job by ensuring your X-ray equipment training includes these critical topics.


Detection Responsibilities

First and foremost, X-ray operators must understand the importance of their role at a checkpoint. They play a crucial part in securing an area or facility and are often times the last line of defense for countering threats and uncovering illegal activities.

X-ray operators must also be aware of the screening guidelines implemented at their security checkpoint. Knowing which items are considered threats, which are prohibited, and which are allowable for the area screened is imperative in order to succeed on the job.

Be sure to keep operators promptly informed for an effective X-ray checkpoint. Educate them on the typical threats found at that checkpoint, which items require extra attention because of their ability to conceal, which new threats to be on the lookout for, and anything else you would want front-line X-ray operators to know.


X-ray System Components, Operation, and Safety

X-ray Operator Uses Power Switch to Turn On SystemFamiliarization with the system is essential. All X-ray operators must possess an understanding of the system’s main components and how each element works. They should also be familiar with X-ray and how the technology functions inside the system to produce an image.

Additionally, operators must understand how to stay safe while operating the system. Teach operators about best practices for safely scanning items. Educate them on the built-in safety features the system offers.

Will your operators know what each indicator light means? Will they know where the emergency stop buttons are located? Your equipment training should be manufacturer-specific to encompass all distinct features and functionality of the system used at the checkpoint.


X-ray Imaging and Advanced Functions

Users of X-ray technology need to recognize how different types of materials absorb X-rays and how those materials will display on a monitor. Teach X-ray operators to recognize objects commonly seen at their checkpoint. Becoming familiar with its shape and color under X-ray will make spotting anomalies a little easier.

To further help X-ray operators interpret X-ray images and make a decision, advanced imaging functions are available. X-ray operators must understand how those tools function, what it will do to the on-screen X-ray image, how to apply the imaging feature, and which scenarios to use it in.


Internal Business Rules & Processes

Operator Calls For Assistance Due to Shield Object in X-ray ImageOnce X-ray operators know how to interpret X-ray images, they must understand your internal business rules and handling processes. These procedures dictate how operators should respond based on what is seen in the X-ray image.

What is the process for handling scanned items that pass all X-ray checks conducted by the operator? What if a prohibited item or threat is detected? What if the operator cannot resolve a bag because of a shield object? Ensure operators know your internal rules and processes so they can respond to every situation appropriately.



Although X-ray technology can be used in different industries to screen belongings, mail, and cargo, all X-ray operators must understand the same fundamental topics. Does your X-ray equipment training encompass all of these critical training topics?


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